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Stained Glass Workshop: Create Beautiful Art in Just One Day

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Are you ready to unleash your creativity and learn the art of stained glass? Join us at The Gallery at Rowan & Plum for our 1 Day Stained Glass Workshop. This workshop is designed for beginners and art enthusiasts alike, providing you with the opportunity to learn the techniques and skills needed to create stunning stained glass pieces. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you will learn the basics of glass cutting, soldering, and assembling, as well as the different types of glass and their unique properties. By the end of the workshop, you will have completed your very own stained glass masterpiece to take home and proudly display. Not only will you gain a new skill, but you will also experience the joy and satisfaction of creating something beautiful with your own hands. So, come and join us for a day of creativity, inspiration, and artistic expression at our Stained Glass Workshop!

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