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In Historic Downtown Plant City, Florida.

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The Rowan & Plum

The Rowan & Plum event space offers a unique and exclusive experience when reserving the entire floor, including The Julietta and The Louise rooms. Seating up to 40 people. Starting at $250. See pricing details here.

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The Louise

The Louise room is the perfect lounge space to book for small intimate groups, catering to a variety of activities such as book clubs, photo shoots and podcasts.  This versatile room offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere that is sure to enhance your experience. Seats 8 - 9 people. Starting at $70. For pricing details click here.

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The Julietta

The Julietta Room offers the perfect venue for intimate gatherings such as corporate meetings, workshops, classes and themed parties. Seats up to 10 guests. Starting at $70.  For pricing details click here.

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Book Your Event at The Gallery

Contact us today to book your date and begin planning your bespoke event experience. From bridal showers to book clubs to business meetings and beyond.

See our curent pricing sheet here.

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